The Castle Nek

The Letter

Notable Loot:

  • Diamond amulet
  • Stolen spellbook of Duug
  • Letter to Devalian general
  • Flaming butterknife “Breath of flame, perfect toast”

Things that Happened:

  • Candid got a prophetic message from the daughter of a false prophet (“You find what you seek in a city attacked by darkness”)
  • Dwarf found a hint that a halfling like her was hunting dragons
  • Nine is now sickened by cheese
  • A lizardwoman slaver got DESTROYED
  • Nine got SHALEIGLEIGHED by Matel for rudeness
  • Candid lost his wallet
  • Margoulus dimension hopped out the window leaving his daughter (waaaamp waaaaaamp)


Blouc Blouc

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