The Castle Nek

The Crossroads

Notable Loot:

  • 2000gp in loose gems

Things that Happened:

  • The party met a satyr named Satyr. He was very high.
  • The party ran away from a stampede down the Great Corridor.
  • During said stampede, Bernoulli was saved by being pulled into a strange room with a portrait of a smiling human in red.
  • A female sylph had awkward moments with both Bernoulli and Dwarf
  • Nine searched for a one-eyed dwarf to destroy his books on the orders of his order.
  • Candid found and forgave Alphonze, a thief who had pick-pocketed him.
  • Dwarf got very very drunk. As did Nine. Really, who didn’t get drunk?
  • With the aid of Mar’vus, the dwarf Nine sought, the group fought of a pack of scimitar wearing undead that slaughtered the bar.
  • The bartender mysteriously gave them compensation for their chivalry.


Blouc Blouc

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