Lawful Good


The domains of Urp are Loyalty, Repose, Nobility and Friendship.


Urp is said to be the easiest god to whom to pray. She has existed as long as there has been just enough food to go around.


Urp’s followers are organized around a central granary in the market district. From the center, loyal followers naturally gravitate towards being ordained clergy and disciples of the bountiful larder. The devout describe their awakening to the faith as far from an awakening. Most simply wake up one morning, decide to be ordained and then continue along their business. They have been living a faithful life out of habit in any case, nothing needs to change.

The church pays special attention to those who have the spirit of Urp but not the means. Calling such souls missionaries lacks nuance, as they do not proselytize. They lead by example. With the wealth of their organization supporting them, they travel to places in need and act with a natural justice and benevolence. Urp is not a god that grants hand-outs, but it is not so hard to deserve her bounty. Within months, Servers of Urp are almost always pillars of their community.


Urp is served through rewarding industry, loyalty and goodwill. Piety is not ostentation but the subtle thanks of those who were in need. Those who would take what is not given are detestable in the eyes of Urp. Equally devoid of merit are those who would take what is given but not deserved. Food and drink, as perhaps the most base reward, are essential components of Urpian religion. Lesser places are taken by clothing, shelter, and small luxuries.


Urp is praised through the act of belching after a meal. More elaborate prayers gain weight every so often until such a point as believers inevitably realize how little meaning such gestures carry to her.


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