Dwarf the Halfling Rogue

  • A refugee from the collapse of Tower Soundwatch, Dwarf has not seen her brother, Gnome, since the night of the catastrophe.
  • Her conniving nature is for the benefit of her family, still living in the shanties west of the Market Halls.
  • She is the possessor of a strange glowing stone. It was stolen from an unaware traveler. Dwarf has found no interested party save her own amusement.
  • Dwarf seeks to milk Candid for all he owns.
  • The wrath of the potters’ guild pursues her for the theft of their library.
  • An orc by the name of Thúǖg as the chosen one of the orc peoples.

Brother Candid the Half-Elf Cleric

  • Candid is an itinerant preacher of Glimmer who has taken an interest in converting the troubled Dwarf.
  • His lower-class mother is being turned out from the house of his noble father. Candid seeks to find her a new love.
  • Candid’s mentor left him a hint as to the location of the third sanctum of Glimmer. He seems to have gone ahead himself.
  • Candid has chosen to support the Bernoulli through a collusion of goals—i.e. discovery.
  • He has decided that the party are vehicles of Glimmer to work miracles upon the castle.

Number-9 the Elf Cavilier

  • Number-9 belongs to the Pillars of Foundation. His order protects the Bedrock Lives, a bloodline tied to the fundamental magic of the castle.
  • Number-9 has been brainwashed like all of his fellow Arms of the Foundation. For unknown reasons, his “forging” was imperfect and gasps of personality break through.
  • Number-9 has a personal collection to show his devotion to Clink. This is a sign of his flawed “forging” and would indicate such to the Foundation if brought to light.
  • Number-9 is sickened by the smell of cheese.

Twinkle the Hungerseed Ranger

  • Twinkle is a moody teenager with daddy issues.
  • Twinkle seeks to find her father, last known to work for Candid’s father. She may try to kill him if she succeeds.
  • She has received a continuing stream of letters that indicate that Number-9 knows of her father and will assist her in her pursuit.
  • Twinkle has taken personal offense at the crimes (and attitude) of Terpse.


  • Bernoulli seeks to understand the nature of the castle. To this end, he has been mapping the castle hallways…a very frustrating task.
  • Bernoulli seeks support from Candid due to an alignment of aims. Candid’s father supposedly led the initial explorations of the castle. The whole goodie-two-shoes thing is really getting on his nerves.
  • Bernoulli has been finding some dangerous secrets. And they’ve been noticing him also.


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