Chaotic Good


The domains of Glimmer are Revelation, Moon, Sun, Redemption, Liberation and Exploration.


Glimmer has never been considered a tangible force. As long as there has been moonlight, there has been a glimmer. He peaks through whatever may oppose him. In darkness, he thrives as if on stage. Other gods find him especially irritating as he refuses to be in their vision, by his nature always just out of sight.


Glimmers priests are transients by nature. The Brothers and Sisters of Light journey so as to spread the revelation of the Hole in the Wall. Those that see the light feel an impulse to join immediately. The “Shinies” are generally treated as an acceptable nuisance. Their evangelism is loud and enthusiastic, only counterbalanced by generosity, altruism and magnanimity that seems uniform in their ranks.

There are two citadels of Glimmer. One lies in the rafters of the great hall above the Mansion Wing. The other deep in the sewers on the other side of the Vast Arboretum. In each there is only one permanent resident, the Mother of Light in the Sanctum of the Shinning Mirror and the Father of Light in the Sanctum of the Shimmering Torch. All others are only there for so long before they continue on their journeys. There are rumors of a third citadel hidden well.


Glimmer is a benevolent god. He commands his followers to spread hope wherever they may roam. The vehicle therein may be either philosophical or material. It seems to be a silly concept to those who have not seen the Light. The average believer is said to see only a fraction of Glimmer’s true light. The masters of the Sanctums see enough to blind lesser beings. Exploration is a secondary goal of the Children of the Light. For how can one see the light if one lives where light does not reach. (Of course, it reaches to all places, but some need it to be brighter to notice.)


Glimmer is pleased by oblations of hearty song, brightly light sacrifice and impassioned declarations of his goodness. These serve not his ego but further his reach.


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