Lawful Neutral


The domains of Clink are Undead, Trade, Thievery and Loyalty.


Some say that Clink was a primordial force of order. Others say he was just a man who traveled the world building his collection for future profit. Whatever the truth, facts can also be collected—if not easily.


The clergy of Clink are initiated through referral. A Collector invites another person to join the ranks if they are found to be worthy of joining Clink’s collection. The exact nature of worth is maleable. Sometimes wealthy merchants are chosen. Other times young sons or daughters of rich houses. The rare youth of recognized talent is also included.

Houses of Clink tend to arise at crossroads or trade hubs—places where there is ample trade of goods. Often, local governments will chose to use the Collectors for tax collection or customs. Their zeal in these offices is said to be unnerving. The church also happily performs funerary rights…as long as you don’t mind your loved ones lacking a grave.


Thievery is permitted so long as you are confident that you shall be making better use of that which you take than its current owner. Of course, things that have been misplaced or were once the property of the deceased should be acquired quickly. It is the only responsible thing to do. One should build your collection. Themed oddities are considered devotionals while merely having a large amount of similar items (i.e. gold, family, etc.) is considered to be admirable. Necromancy is a celebrated practice. After all, what is a dead body but another possession left behind carelessly.


Prayers of the Uncanny Collector are budgets or itineraries of your collections. More advanced prayers tend to be meticulous plans for acquisition.


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